Fundraising Progress

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June 30, 2012
To infinity, and beyond!
As of today, the book value of our scholarship fund is $30,695! That means we have surpassed our initial goal of raising $25,000! But we do not want to stop there. Continued donations will ensure the fund will continue to grow offering higher disbursements to our scholarship recipients. If you'd like to make a donation, please click here to be redirected to the Southwestern Giving Page where the donations are being accepted.


Jan. 7, 2011
Happy New Year
We hope everyone has stuck to their resolutions so far. We are one week into 2011 and have been moving swiftly up the ladder en route to our goal of $25K. As you can see, we closed 2010 with just under $15K pledged to the fund. We are looking forward to seeing our goal met and hopefully being able to help a deserving student by the Fall semester of 2011! Please pass this website along to your friends and alumni of SU and do not forget to make your gift to the MBESF through the Southwestern Giving Page.


Dec. 1, 2010
Happy Holidays
With the holiday season upon us, many of us are in the giving spirit. Please do not forget to make your gift to the MBESF through the Southwestern Giving Page.


Nov 5-7, 2010
SU Homecoming
Please come out and support our fundraising efforts during the Homecoming 2010 events on the Southwestern Campus. Read more about it here.


Oct 1, 2010
Scholarship Established
Join Matt's friends and family in memorializing a loved one through the establishment of a new endowed scholarship fund at Southwestern Univeristy.


From Family & Friends

"Please give what you can so that we can help others share the SU experience through this scholarship in Matt Boeer's name. In Matt's words: "Southwestern is about getting involved and making the world a better place." In this way we honor Matt's bright light at SU and his hopes and dreams for the future."

- Marcela Berdion-Straub


"Though the $25,000 threshold may seem difficult to achieve, I have little doubt that we will meet and exceed our goal in due time thanks to the immeasurable impact Matt's spirit had on the lives he passed through in his short time."

- Jordan Guidry


"I would like to thank those responsible for shaping Matt into the friend I came to know and admire. His impact on my life is ever-lasting. I hope this endowed scholarship helps preserve the remarkable legacy he has left behind. "

- John Dosser


"Thank you so much to all those who have made this possible. We long that through this scholarship, we can affect someone's life as much as Matt has affected ours. "

- The Milles


Our Second Disbursement!

December 12, 2014

The Matthew Boeer Scholarship Fund is at it again! We just awarded our second scholarship to a Southwestern University student! This student is a senior majoring in Political Science. The MBESF team is extremely happy with the continued success of the scholarship fund created in Matt Boeer's honor. The current book value of the fund is an incredible $36,156! From flying by our original $25,000 donation goal in less than 10 months from inauguration, to the nonstop donations month after month, it is clear to us that Matt's legacy reaches far beyond anything we could have imagined.


Our First Disbursement!

November 8, 2013

We just wanted to share the great news that the Matthew Boeer Scholarship Fund has awarded its first scholarship to a deserving Southwestern University student! The student is a junior interested in science but has yet to determine a major. Due to the generosity from you and everyone that donated, this student will receive the financial help needed to continue receiving the fantastic education Southwestern has to offer.

Although we have reached our initial goal of $25,000 and the endowment has been funded, donations are still being accepted on the Southwestern Giving Page. Further donations will increase our funds value and allow a higher disbursement to students for years to come. We thank you for your generous donations and hope you are as excited as we are about the success of the Matthew Boeer Scholarship Fund!


Happy 2013!

Dear friends,

This year will be an exciting year for everybody involved with the Matthew C. Boeer Scholarship Fund as we will select the first recipient of the scholarship in Matt's name. We cannot believe how much support this scholarship fund has received and we are very pleased with the number of people who have joined in this effort.

As a new year starts, we would like to encourage you to continue to support the Matthew C. Boeer Scholarship Fund. It remains our goal to maximize the impact we can have on future Southwestern students and we hope to continuously grow the scholarship in years to come. We would like to remind you that for Southwestern University graduates of the past decade (GOLD), a dollar-for-dollar challenge grant has once again been created by friends of the university that will allow GOLD alumni to double your efforts.

Please head on over to the SU Giving Page to help us continue building the scholarship for years to come.


A Friendly Reminder

We hope you all got off to a great start in 2011. As the New Year begins, the Matthew C. Boeer Endowment Scholarship Fund remains near and dear to our hearts. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, thus far we have raised $14,395. That is a phenomenal sum. However, we still need your help to reach our goal of $25,000.

Please spread the word as much as possible about the MCBESF. Use facebook, direct people to this web site, or use any other means at your disposal.

We encourage all of you that haven’t donated so far to please consider donating today. If you have donated already, we encourage you to consider donating again. This will be a tremendous fund that serves the purpose of commemorating Matt’s legacy at Southwestern as well as supporting future students’ education at our beloved institution.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a Young Alumni Matching Gift Challenge, which will match any gift made by alumni who graduated between the years of 2001 and 2010. Funds for the Young Alumni Matching Gift Challenge are limited so please donate soon so you'll have a greater chance of having your gift matched thereby doubling your contribution. For more information, visit

Thank you all very much for your support.

Wishing you all the very best.


Matthew C. Boeer Endowed Scholarship Fund

With admiration for the vitality and brilliance of our beloved and dear friend Matt, the family and friends of Matthew C. Boeer announce the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund at Southwestern University. This fund was created as a memorial to Matt’s life, as a legacy to Matt’s endless thirst for knowledge, and as a tribute to Matt’s affection for Southwestern.

After excelling in high school academics, Matt was awarded the prestigious and highly competitive Brown Scholar Award for a full-tuition scholarship to attend Southwestern. During his time at Southwestern, Matt co-founded the Garden Club, served as Head Resident Assistant, and founded Community First Consulting. Matt’s idea for Community First Consulting developed after reading the work of Peter Drucker and volunteering with local non-profit organizations. Community First Consulting provided financial consulting services to non-profits on issues of business and strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, efficiency, and organization. Matt’s intellectual enthusiasm was matched only by his love for sports. Though active in all intramural sports at Southwestern, Matt’s favorite memories were made playing soccer. Matt graduated from Southwestern University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and a minor in Sociology.

After graduation, Matt moved to Houston to join the accounting firm Pannell, Kerr, Forster (PKF Texas). He enjoyed his work immensely and looked forward to developing his career. Matt continued his athletic endeavors by joining a local soccer league, playing in a company basketball league, and of course, cheering for his Houston Rockets. In September of 2006, Matt was unexpectedly diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare form of blood cancer. Like every situation in his life, Matt faced his diagnosis with unparalleled determination. Because of his frequent treatments and congenial personality, Matt soon became a favorite among hospital staff. He was even dubbed “Superman” by his oncologist for overcoming numerous life-threatening complications.

Matt’s devotion to his family and friends remains one of his most endearing qualities. Whether demonstrating his loyalty or fierce support, Matt had as much confidence in his loved ones as he did in himself. He rarely met a stranger and loved to discuss topics ranging from philosophy to the current issue of The Economist. Matt always found the courage to care about the people and community interests that were most important to him. Throughout treatment, his greatest fear was not for himself but for the impact his journey would have on his family.

The Matthew C. Boeer Endowed Scholarship Fund was started with funds from a savings account Matt opened while working his first job at Germania Insurance. Even at a young age, Matt invested in his future and believed that he would achieve his goals. Matt would be proud to start this scholarship and enable other bright students to participate in the educational experience he treasured at Southwestern.